Folk At The Club – February 04, 2019

The Singers

    1. Bill Craswell
    2. Jim Rowley
    3. Ivor Keates
    4. Robin Burton
    5. John Bent-Marshal
    6. Bill Taylor
    7. Ken Langsbury
    8. Veronica Lowe
    9. Gwilym Davies
    10. Flash

The Songs

  • The Broadside Man (1)(G)
  • Lucky Escape (Own Song) (2)(G)
  • The Claudy Banks (3)(U)
  • The Swing Rioters Lament (4)(U)
  • Cigarettes And Whisky (5)(G)
  • Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (6)(G)
  • The Girl I left Behind (7)(U)
  • Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies (8)(G)
  • Ramblin’ Irishman (9)(M)
  • Mow The Man Down (10)(U)
  • The Populism Game (Own Song) (1)(G)
  • Know Your Limits (Own Song) (2)(G)
  • Whiskey On A Sunday (3/2/1)(G) -(Jig Doll by Bill Taylor)
  • The Gaol Song (4)(U)
  • You’re My Best Friend (5)(G)
  • High Germany (6)(G)
  • The Dragon Of Wantley (7)(U)
  • My Young Man (8)(U)
  • Three Men Went A-Hunting (9)(M)
  • Oh Good Ale (10)(U)
  • Dido Bendigo (1/2/3)(U)
  • The Rune Of Hospitality (2)(U)
  • Liverpool Judies (3)(U)
  • Three Ravens (4)(U)
  • Morning Glory (5)(G)
  • Be My Luck (6)(G)
  • It’s My Bath Night Tonight (7)(U)
  • Roll Down (8)(U)
  • Curly Williams (9)(M)
  • All The Good Times Are Past And Gone (10(U)

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