Folk At The Club – February 18, 2019

The Singers

    1. Bill Craswell
    2. Jim Rowley
    3. Ivor Keates
    4. John Bent-Marshal
    5. Robin Burton
    6. Roger Grimes
    7. Rod Livings
    8. Tricia Davies
    9. Veronica Lowe
    10. Maria Gibbins
    11. Flash
    12. Ken Langsbury

The Songs

  • Forest Lawn (1)(G)
  • Big Night In A Small Town (Own Song) (2)(G)
  • The Flying Cloud (3)(U)
  • Barrack Street (4)(U)
  • Keep Haulin’ (5/6)(M)
  • Farewell Rosie Grey (5/6)(U)
  • Twas On One April Morning (8)(U)
  • I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (9)(G)
  • The Leaving Of Liverpool (10)(U)
  • The Unlucky Duck (11)(U)
  • The Independent Bishop Of Worcester (12)(Mono)
  • Sing A Song Of Yesterday (Own Song) (1)(U)
  • Waltzing For Dreamers (2)(G)
  • The Old Dun Cow (3)(U)
  • My Fathers House (4)(G)
  • Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (5/6)(U)
  • All By Yourself In The Moonlight (5/6)(M)
  • Lady Mary (7)(G)
  • The Devil And The Feathery Wife (8)(U)
  • Asikatali (9)(U)
  • Thousands Or More (10)(U)
  • Bye Bye Love (11)(U)
  • The Cowardly Dragon (12)(U)
  • Flash Stockman (1)(G/H)
  • The Hedgers Lay (2)(U)
  • The Ballad Of Accounting (3)(U)
  • A-Roving (4)(G)
  • There Stands A Cottage (5)(U)
  • Abroad As I Went Walking (Hampshire Hussy) (6)(M)
  • Lonesome Flute/Rainbow Cradle Song (7)(W)
  • Both Sexes Give Ear (8)(U)
  • Won’t You Buy My Pretty Flowers (9)(U)
  • Michael Row The Boat Ashore (10)(U)
  • He’ll Have To Go (11)(U)
  • (Wiggy Smith’s) Oakham Poachers (11)(U)

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