Folk At The Club – September 05, 2022

The Singers

  1. Ivor Keates …………………………. From Blackthorn Buskers
  2. Sheelagh Allen
  3. Thomas Owen
  4. Tricia Davies
  5. Richard Booth
  6. Alex Evans
  7. Rod Livings
  8. Veronica Lowe


The Songs

  • Oak And Ash And Thorn (1)(U)
  • From Claire To Here (2)(U)
  • Diverus And Lazarus (3)(B)
  • Early One Morning (Alan Foster) (4)(U)
  • Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (5)(U)
  • The Washing Song (6)(G)
  • Work For The Working Man To Do (7)(G)
  • Flower In The Meadow (Ukrainian Folk Song)(8)(G)
  • Ballad Of Accounting (1)(U)
  • By The Forde Upstream (Own Song)(2)(U)
  • Oh Death (3)(B)
  • Rolling Of The Stones (4)(U)
  • Little Drummer Boy (5)(U)
  • Her Mantle So Green (6)(G)
  • Wild Mountain Thyme (&)(G)
  • Let No Man Steal Your Time (8)(U)
  • The Parting Glass (1)(U)
  • Loch Bran (2)(U)
  • The Lowlands Of Holland (3)(B)
  • Grey Goose And Gander (4)(U)
  • I Live Not Where I Love (5)(U)
  • Shallow Brown (6)(U)
  • Mantle Of Green (7)(G)
  • Streets Of London (8)(G)