Folk At The Club – January 21, 2019

The Singers
  1. Bill Craswell
  2. Jim Rowley
  3. Ivor Keates
  4. John Bent-Marshal
  5. Eden Tanner
  6. Rebecca Kay
  7. Bill Taylor
  8. Colin Pitts
  9. Sam Simmons
  10. Eleanor Simmons
  11. Tricia Davies
  12. Veronica Lowe
  13. Flash
  14. Ken Langsbury

The Songs

  • Avondale (1/2/3)(G/F/Bod)
  • Swansea Girls (Own Song) (2)(G)
  • To The Factory At Dawn (3)(U)
  • So Long It’s Bin Good To Know Ya (4)(G)
  • The Old Beagle Inn (5)(U)
  • The Nutting Girl (6/7)(OctMan)
  • Keep That Wheel A Turning (6/7)(G)
  • March Monday Morning (Own Song) (8)(G)
  • Daeth Nadolig Fel Arferol (9/10)(U)
  • The New Navigation ((9/10)(U)
  • The Devils Questions (11)(U)
  • The Death Of Queen Jane (12)(U)
  • Love Your Neighbour (13)(U)
  • Swindle ‘Em Station (14)(Mono)
  • Roll Alabama Roll (1/2/3)(U)
  • The Travellers Rest (Own Song)(2)(G)
  • The Town I loved So Well (3/1/2)(G/F)
  • The Roads Of Kildare (4)(G)
  • Bring Us A Barrel (5)(U)
  • The Railway Hotel (6/7)(G/OctMan)
  • Candlelight And Wine (6/7)(G)
  • Sailor (Own Song)(8)(G)
  • The Village Mumming Play (9)(Mono)
  • The Ash And Faggot Wassail Song (10)(U)
  • Hole In The Ground (11)(U)
  • Follow The Drinking Gourd (12)(U)
  • Maggie (13)(U)
  • Moreton In Marsh – The Jumpers Song (14)(Mono/U)

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