Folk At The Club – April 04, 2022

The Singers

  1. Veronica Lowe
  2. Jethro Forester
  3. Gilly Elkin
  4. Bill Taylor ………………………… From ReBil
  5. Roger Grimes
  6. Ken Langsbury
  7. Ivor Keates …………………….. From Blackthorn Buskers
  8. Rod Livings


The Songs

  • April Morning (1)(U)
  • Hills Of Connemara (2)(Uke)
  • Where On Earth, (Own Song) (3)(G)
  • Radcliffe Highway (4)(G)
  • A Dear Little Maiden (5)(U)
  • Meet Me Tonight In The Moonlight (6)(U)
  • Tomo’bedlam (7)(U)
  • Je Ne Regret Rien (1)(G)
  • Mingulay Boat Song (2)(U)
  • Matty Groves (3)G)
  • Peggy Gordon (4)(G)
  • Polly On The Shore (5)(U)
  • To Catch Me A Small Bird Or Two (6)(U)
  • Danny Leaver (7)(U)
  • John Kanakanaka (8)(U)
  • Flower In The Meadow (1)(U)
  • Byards Leap (2)(Uke)
  • I Don’t Blame You (Own Song) (3)(G)
  • High Germany (4)(G)
  • Banks Of The Sweet Primeroses (5)(U)
  • Lloyd George’s Beer (6/7)(U)
  • Tommy’s Dad’s Got A Tank (7)(Mono)
  • A’roving (8)(G)
  • Morning Train (1)(G)
  • Sweeney Todd The Barber (2)(Uke)
  • Love Isn’t Love Till You Give It Away, (Own Song) (3)(G)
  • I Am A Rock (4)(G)
  • Bogey’s Bonny Belle (5)(U)
  • You Just Take The Rough With The Smooth (6)(U)
  • Stormy He Is Dead And Gone (7)(U)
  • Plaisir D’amour. (8)(G)

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