Folk At The Club – March 21, 2022

The Singers

  1. Trevor Valentine
  2. Veronica Lowe
  3. Sheelagh Allen
  4. Phil Brown
  5. Pam Brown
  6. Ken Langsbury
  7. Roger Grimes
  8. Jill Peer
  9. Martin Peer
  10. Rod Livings
  11. Alex Evans



The Songs

  • From Clare To Here (1)(G)
  • So We’ll Go No More A-Roving (2)(U)
  • Cheltenham Gold Cup Day (Own Song)(3)(U)
  • Hares On The Mountain (4)(U)
  • The Man In The Moon (5)(U)
  • The Blacksmith (Danny Brazil)(6/7)(M)
  • A Thousand Years (Turtle Dove)(7)(U)
  • Bury Me Beneath The Weeping Willow (8/9)(G/V)
  • Oh What A Beautiful World (8/9)(G/V)
  • I Drew My Ship (10)(U)
  • Wild Mountainside (11)(G)
  • Knoxville In My Mind (Own Song)(1)(G)
  • When I Was A Young Man (7)(U)
  • The Independent Bishop Of Worcester (6)(Mono)
  • Flower In The Meadow(2)(U)
  • The Rose Of Allendale (3/10)(U)
  • Two Sisters (4)(U)
  • Handsome Little Music Man (5)(U)
  • You’re Gonna Love Me (8/9)(G/V0
  • Hickory Wind (8/9)(G/V)
  • You Never Heard So sweet (10)(U)
  • Holland Hankerchief (11)(U)
  • Mir Mira 9the Last Weary Soldier (Own Song)(1)(G)
  • The Greenland Whale Fishery (2)(G)
  • She Moved Through The Fair (3)(U)
  • Crossing The Bar (4)U)
  • JealousWoman (5)(U)
  • Take I back To Dear Old Gloucester (6)(U)
  • I know Whwe I’m Going (10)(U)
  • Lowlands Away (11)(U)
  • Coal Miners Blues (8/9)(G/V)
  • Don’t This Road Look Rough And Rocky (8/9)(G/V)

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