Folk At The Club – January 02, 2023

The Singers

    1. Veronica Lowe
    2. Ivor Keates …………………… From Blackthorn Buskers
    3. Tricia Davies
    4. Bill Taylor…………………………From ReBil
    5. John Clark ( Farmer John from Fairford)
    6. Barry Watkins
    7. Ken Langsbury
    8. Andy Cambell
    9. .Roger Grimes
    10. Thomas  Owen
    11. Richard Booth
    12. Hugh Tarran


The Songs

  • The King (Joy, Health Etc.  (1)(U)
  • Modern Homeless Wassail (2)(U)
  • The Old Year Now Away Is Fled, (Tune: Greensleeves) (3)(U)
  • Dimming Of The Day (4)(G)
  • Dorset Is Beautiful (5)(G)
  • I Am My Own Grandpa (6)(Poem)
  • My Bath Night, (7)(U)
  • Let No Mermaids Flirt With Me (8)(G)
  • The Lovely Irish Maiden (9)(U)
  • Nailers’ Row, (By Colin Pitts) (10)(B)
  • Gloucester Wassail (11)(U)
  • Rothsay-O (1)(U)
  • Rocks Of Bawn (12)(U)
  • Poverty Knock (2)(U)
  • Down In Yon Forest (3)(U)
  • Peggy Gordon (4)(G)
  • Five Foot Flirt, (Crow, Crow, Crow,) (5)(G)
  • Brain In Neutral (6)(Poem)
  • The Miner’s Dream Of Home (7)(U)
  • Born At The Right Time (8)(G)
  • The Month Of January (9)(U)
  • Spanish Ladies (10)(B)
  • Ramble Away (11)(U)
  • Galway Shawl (12)(U)
  • Brockweir Wassail (1)(U)
  • Byker Hill (2)(U)
  • The End Of Me Old Cigar (3)(U)
  • Leaving On A Jet Plane (4)(G)
  • O What A Beauty! (5)(G)
  • Carol Singing (7)(Mono)
  • The First Cut Is The Deepest (8)(G)
  • Hunting The Wren, (Green Bushes Tune) (9)(U)
  • Babylon Is Fallen (10)(B)
  • The Hungry Child (11)(U)
  • Here’s A Health To The Company (12)(U)

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